Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my first visit? You will be evaluated and treatment options will be discussed. Your first visit will NOT result in surgery that day.

Does Dr. Devine only do surgery? No. He treats many conditions non-operatively, as well as surgically.

How do you expect me to write if I have issues with my hands? You will need to bring someone with you to assist you.

How long will I be out of work? This depends on your diagnosis, treatment and job duties.

Why do I have to wait so long to get an appointment? Dr. Devine is on-call for the Martha Jefferson Hospital Emergency Department 50% of every month. Acute injuries take priority over chronic conditions. We will be happy to give you the names and numbers of other hand specialists in the area.

How long does the appointment last? How long do I need to plan to be there? Your appointment will last approximately 20 minutes. We ask you to arrive 30 minutes early if you are a new patient and 15 minutes early if you are an established patient. We run behind many days so we ask that you bring a book to read while you wait.

Do you have a public restroom? Yes, in the lobby.

May “I” go back with the patient? Provided the patient gives you permission to do so, yes.

Will I be able to drive or do I need someone to drive me? You may not drive if you are on narcotics or wearing a sling.

If I have already received a steroid injection, when can I get another? 3 months later if it is in the same location, 6 weeks later if it is in a different area.

Do we have a wheelchair? No.

Do I need to remove my finger polish or acrylic tip fingernails before being seen? We prefer for you to remove your nail polish, but not require it. Acrylic tips need not be removed.

What is your policy for inclement weather? We change the message on our answering machine by 6:30 a.m. to inform our patients whether or not we will be opening on time or closing for the day.